Fairtrade along the way

The directory below lists shops, cafes, restaurants, pubs and places to stay that provide Fairtrade products along the second section of the Fair Trade Way, including those within the Fairtrade Towns of Lancaster and Arnside. Where possible links are given to Fairtrade directories on other websites and the authors of this site will endeavor to keep the list below regularly updated, but cannot be held responsible for any inaccuracies that may appear. If you discover an outlet selling Fairtrade products that is not listed here or one that is listed that no longer sells Fairtrade products please contact us and we will update the list.


Lancaster Fairtrade Directory


En Route

The FIG Tree @ The Priory (Fairtrade In Garstang – branching out around the world) International Visitor Centre and café opened in Garstang in November 2011 at the starting point of the Fair Trade Way. But following termination of its lease in 2014 The FIG Tree moved to Lancaster where it is now runs a cafe and chocolate shop in the Lancaster Priory Refectory.

Leighton Moss Café


Arnside Fairtrade Directory




Arnside House
Sells: cards, clothing, fashion accessories, jewellery, giftware, gift wrap, scarves, incense, toys, musical instruments

Sells: tea, coffee, rice, muesli, flapjacks, chocolate

Sells: wide variety of sugars plus Rainforest Alliance tea

Sells: Coffee, Cadbury’s chocolate bars, Rainforest Alliance products

The Country Shop
Sells:  Some gents’ trousers have label saying cotton is from fair trade sources

Natural Health & Beauty Clinic
Sells: Biscuits

Gallery H
Sells: Rainstick Trading wooden boxes

White Rabbit
Sells: Luxury knitting yarns produced by women’s co-operatives in Paraguay

Little Shop

Sell: Jewellery produced by co-operatives, small family units, individuals in the Philippines, who also help to replenish and preserve the natural resources on which the jewellery industry depends on.

Coffee Shops & Cafes

Bob-In Café
Sells: Orange Juice

Laura Lee’s
Sells: Tea

Big Chip Café
Sells: Tea and Sugar

Country Shop Coffee shop
Sells: Tea



No 43
Sells: Hot chocolate

The Willowfield
Sells: Sugar and teas

Sells: Tea, coffee, hot chocolate; sugar