Snacks and drinks

The pioneers that took part in the original Fair Trade Way walked in 2009 were nourished by Fairtrade snacks kindly donated by the specialist Fairtrade companies Tropical Wholefoods, Mule Bars and Divine Chocolate, not to mention the much needed Fairtrade foot lotion supplied by Lush that provided welcome relief at the end of each long walking day (and sometimes in the middle!). The Fairtrade cereal bars, dried fruit and the remarkably tasty apricot kernels supplied by Tropical Wholefoods all helped to energize the walkers. The mango tango and chocolate and banana Mule Bars were a particularly welcome energy boost on the 726m peak at Ullscarf and chocolate is always sure to lift you out of the lowest trough. The Aztec Emperor Montezuma once said of Chocolate; it is “The divine drink, which builds up resistance and fights fatigue. A cup of this precious drink permits a man to walk for a whole day without food”.

This section includes a list of these and other Fairtrade snacks as well as a recipe for the magnificent homemade savoury and sweet flapjacks kindly donated by Jim Paris from Garstang Quaker Meeting and again eaten by the Fair Trade Way pioneers in 2009.

Plans permitting the  FIG Tree will open in May 2011. So before embarking on the Fair Trade Way you will be able to call in to stock up on Fairtrade snacks, Jim’s Rambling Flapjacks’ and fill your flasks with Fairtrade hot drinks. If that is not enough then cross the road to the Garstang Co-op store opposite to stock up with Fairtrade chocolate, bananas, juices or other Fairtrade goodies from the extensive Co-op Fairtrade range.

Fairtrade snacks and drinks

Divine Chocolate

Divine bars – In a range of 9 delicious flavours, but if you want the maximum invigorating impact of the cocoa then try the 70% Divine Dark chocolate.

Dubble bars – For that short quick chocolate fix.

Divine drinking chocolate

Tropical Wholefoods

Apricot kernels – Farmers semi dry the stones of the apricots, which are then cracked to remove and further dry the kernel. These kernels are a highly nutritious and tasty snack, with a flavour similar to almonds.

Snack bars – Organic as well as Fairtrade these fruit and nut snack bars come in six delicious varieties; Apricot & Raisin, Banana & honey, Date & Walnut, Mango & Brazil nut, Pineapple and cashew and a 5 Fruit Salad bar.

Dried fruit – Six varieties available; Sun Dried Apricots, Organic Dried Mango, Chewy Banana Chips,  Dried Pineapple, Bogoya Banana and Raisins.

Mule Bars

New Refuel Fairtrade energy bars in two flavours; Chocolate & Date and the sensational Chocolate and Banana that was a huge hit on the initial Fair Trade Way walked in 2009. Providing that vital energy boost when all felt lost.


Cafedirect isn’t just about coffee but also tea and hot chocolate.

Cafedirect coffee – Starting in 1991 with just one coffee there is now a whole range of ground, instant and beans to choose from, all of which are 100% Fairtrade.

Cafedirect tea – Five varieties are available; Hand-picked Tea, Decaffeinated Hand-picked Tea, Gold Tea, Earl Grey Tea and English Breakfast Tea.

San Cristobal drinking chocolate

Sao Tome instant hot chocolate

Liberation Foods

The 100% Fairtrade nut company’s products include Harry’s Nuts! (salted peanuts and cashews) the idea of comedian Harry Hill (who makes no money from this venture). Most supermarket own label nuts come via Liberation, which also sells its own brand of flavoured nuts and peanut butter.

Cashews – Grown by members of the Fairtrade Alliance Kerala in India and IKURU in Mozambique.

Peanuts – Grown by members of the Mchinji Area Smallholder Farmers Association in Malawi and farmers in Nicaragua and Mozambique.

Brazil Nuts – Grown by members of 4 cooperatives in Brazil, Bolivia and Peru.

Walnuts – Grown by Fairtrade farmers in Chile

Macadamia Nuts – A Fairtrade supply from Malawi is Liberation’s goal!


Traidcraft sell a whole range of Fairtrade snacks, chocolate, juices and hot drinks including the ever popular Geobars in four varieties; Apricot, Chocolate, Mixed Berries and combined Fruit, Nut & Honey.

Equal Exchange

The makers of the original ‘Campaign Coffee’ Equal Exchange now sell a wide range of Fairtrade and organic products.

Ubuntu Cola

Okay fizzy drinks are perhaps not the best accompaniment for a long distance walk but if you must have your sugar fix in a fizzy drink then what better than Ubuntu cola made using 100% Fairtrade sugar from Malawi.

Lush Foot Lotion

And for those sore feet there can be nothing more soothing than Lush Foot Lotion and its Fairtrade of course!

Fair Trade Recipes

Jim’s Rambling Flapjacks – Kindly donated by Jim Paris of Garstang Quaker Meeting

Jim prepared his flapjacks for the Fair Trade Way pioneers who first walked the Way in 2009. His intention is to produce energy rich but light lunch for walkers on long distance paths.  With both savoury and fruit flapjacks made from Fairtrade ingredients the only thing missing is a Fairtrade hot or cold drink. The following recipes should provide three to four lunches for one person.

Savoury cheese and onion flapjack – preparation and cooking time 35 – 40 minutes


6oz onion finely chopped
4oz organic butter
6 oz strong tasty Lancashire organic cheese (any strong cheese is OK including blue cheeses for those who like them)
1/2 oz chopped fresh sage
6 oz organic porridge oats
A Grind or ten of Fairtrade black pepper


Melt the butter and add the chopped onion and sage – fry gently until soft.
Add the cheese, grated, and melt into the mixture.
Grind in the Fairtrade pepper.
Add the oats and mix in well.
Put in a well greased tray so that the mixture is 1/2 inch thick and bake for 20-25 minutes at 180 degrees centigrade.
Cut into desired portions and leave to cool before separating out the pieces.

Fair Trade Fruit flapjack – preparation and cooking time 35 – 40 minutes


4 oz organic butter
4 oz Fairtrade dark brown sugar
4 oz Crazy Jack Fairtrade Organic Syrup
2oz each Fairtrade chopped dried apricots, Fairtrade chopped dates, Fairtrade sultanas or raisins and Fairtrade chopped almonds
1 egg beaten
8 oz of organic porridge oats
1/2 teaspoon backing powder


Melt the butter over a low heat.
Add the Fairtrade syrup and Fairtrade brown sugar together until well mixed and there are no lumps of sugar.
Add the Fairtrade fruit and Fairtrade almonds.
Allow to cool till touch warm.
Beat in the egg.
Add the oats and baking powder and mix well.
Place in a well greased tray and bake in the oven for 25 to 30 minutes at 180 centigrade until the top is just beginning to brown.
Cut into the desired piece size and leave to cool before breaking into pieces.