Route description

Part 5 – Bowness – Grasmere – 15 miles
(Ordnance Survey map OL7)

Start at St. Martin’s Church (SD403969) and the grave of the slave Rasselas Belfield. Head downhill (south-west) towards Lake Windermere and pass the boat landings. Turn right (west) along Glebe Road following the lakeshore. After the Marina take the footpath at SD397965 to Cockshott Point (NT). Follow this path south-east. Turn right once you reach the stile and then walk to the Ferry Terminal.

Take the Windermere Chain Ferry across Lake Windermere and then follow the marked paths to Far Sawrey. These keep you off the road in most sections. At SD384951 leave the road and follow the track to Far Sawrey. Follow the paths to Near Sawrey and past Hill Top. 50 metres after the Tower Bank Arms at SD370957 take the road to the right (Stones Lane). This becomes a wide track. Follow this north to Moss Eccles Tarn and continue north to Wise Een Tarn.

At High Moss Tarn keep heading north-east to the track crossroads at SD377984.

Keep left (north-west) at the next junction until you come to the cross roads at SD375986

Now (following signs to Latterbarrow) take the next right and continue on this path across a footbridge until, after 500metres, the path on your right leads steeply, but rewardingly, to the top of Latterbarrow. Enjoy the stunning views in all directions.

Leave the summit on the path going west until you drop down to the metalled road at SD363992. Turn right and follow the road for 500 metres.

As the road drops to your left at SD364998, take this and turn left at the bottom of the road onto the track. After a 100m at SD363998 take the right path and keep turning north towards Bletham Tarn on path signposted to Spicka Lane. Cross the small brook.

At SD362004 you meet a path heading NE/SW. Turn left on this bridleway for just 25m and at the two gates take the one on the right. Head north-west on to the Open Access land and keep close to the wall on your left. After 100m you see a stepped stile over the wall at SD360005, that takes you into Dan Becks (NT woodland). Follow the track through the wood to the road at SD359007.

Turn left (south-west) for just a few metres and take the footpath north into woodland. The track drops slightly with a bare rock face on your right and just as it rises look for the path going right (north) at SD359008. Turn left when you see the huge rocks that make up the quarry spoil at SD358015. At SD357015 pass through a gate that brings you next to a low building with a heavy looking metal door. Keep left when you meet the quarry access road and you reach the road at 357018, Turn left for 50m and then take the footpath on your right at SD356018. Follow the track down to the stream (avoiding the 40 shilling fine!) Head north-west along the track, keeping right at Holmeshead Farm, and continuing to the road at SD349025. Cross the road and continue on the next footpath heading for the corner of the field, to where it meets the wall on your right. Here you meet the minor road going steeply downhill at SD348028. Follow the road downhill all the way to Skelwith Bridge at SD345034). Cross the busy bridge and continue to the crossroads. Go straight ahead (north) up the steep, narrow lane for 500 metres.

Go right at the junction at SD345040 and then left on a footpath keeping Tarn Foot to your left. You next come to the footpath crossroad at SD347041 [You could detour 250metres to see Loughrigg Tarn but then return to this point.] Continue straight ahead (north-east) and swing around the southern base of Loughrigg Fell on the wide track. Keep the wall on your right until you reach SD355042 when the wall turns 90 degrees away from our route. Continue uphill (north-east) on the wide track and cross the stream on some very large stepping stones. Once you see the gate and the conifer plantation ahead be ready to turn left before the gate at SD358044. Follow the wall briefly north-west and then as it turns 90 degrees go north-east keeping to the wall. The track descends slowly at first and then more steeply alongside the wall to Fox Ghyll and the Clappersgate Road at SD364052.

Turn left and follow the road north to Pelter Bridge (SD366060) and cross the bridge. Turn left again at the A591 and cross the road to Rydal Hall and Rydal Mount on your right. Follow the road up to Rydal Mount.

Take a left at SD365063 just after the House and follow the Coffin Route to Grasmere. This route broadly follows the contour for one mile until it meets a metalled road at SD345068. You pass ‘Wordsworth’s Tarn’ and then a short footpath takes you back to the road, passing the ‘Coffin Stone’ at SD344068. This leads to Dove Cottage. Continue to the roundabout. Cross the road and follow the B5287 into Grasmere.

The walk ends at Wordsworth’s Grave in the grounds of St. Oswald’s Church at SD337074.

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