Part 3  – Arnside – Kendal – 13 miles
(Ordnance Survey map OL7)

Start at Arnside Pier at 456788. Turn upstream along the pavement towards the viaduct. Follow the pavement away from the coast and just after the railway station turn left under the railway bridge and follow the B5282 towards Milnthorpe until you get to Storth. Here you turn inland on the first road in the village at 474804. After 100 metres you come to a cross road. Go straight across to the corner at 477804. Turn left and look immediately on your right for a path into the wood. Follow this for 0.5 miles and emerge on to a minor road at 485800. Turn left almost immediately on the track to Haverbrack. At the T-junction you emerge to a view downhill. Go through the wall and drop downhill to the road leading to Dallam Tower. Do not follow the road but take the gate into the Deer Park and head uphill towards the Tumulus at 493808. Turn right and follow the road to the crossroads and continue straight on (east) into the market square.

Continue east and opposite the church, head north-east at 494805 on the minor road (Haverflatts Lane) to the junction at 501822. Turn north-west on Kirkgate Lane. At the bend at 499826, take the footpath under the dismantled railway to emerge briefly at the A6.

Turn right (north) through the village of Heversham and follow this for 1 mile along pavement until you meet the A6 at 496846. Keep going north to Leven’s Hall bridge (496852). Cross the bridge and turn right (north-east) into the grounds of Levens Park.

Follow the way marked path through the grounds. Pass through the wall on the stone steps at 501861 and then immediately right parallel to the wall.

Continue to a minor road at 504865. Pass through the gate and turn right. This looks like a cul-de-sac but it passes under the A591 at 507864. Almost immediately on the right is the Force Falls Salmon Leap. Follow this minor road (Force Lane) to the bridge at 507869. Enjoy the view both sides of the bridge but do not cross it. Continue ahead for 50m until a road goes off to the right at 506870. Take this (keeping the river on your right) until you come to the next T-junction at 508873.

(OPTION to go to Low Sizergh Barn Farm Café) Turn left up Nannypie and after 0.5 miles take a narrow right lane just before the road bridge. This takes you to Low Sizergh Barn (501875). Retrace the route 0.7 miles to 508873).

Follow the road with the river on your right and after 200 metres take the footbridge (509875) across the river. Turn left (north) keeping the river on your left. At 511880 turn right away from the river and head uphill going NE on the footpath. After 200 metres you are on the disused canal tow path at 514882. Follow the old tow path for 0.6 miles until the next road at 513891 .

Turn left onto the road and zig-zag down towards the bridge at 511891. The river passes through an area of limestone here and makes some interesting scenery.

Cross the river and take the footpath immediately right after the bridge. Continue along the path to the weir (513905). Cross the road to enter Scrogg’s Wood and take the river path behind the works all the way into Kendal. On this last section you will cross the A65 at 517916 and meet it again at 517919. The walk ends at the Quaker Meeting House.

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